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Hybrid Storage Appliances - NexiTech products are highly versatile but offer a rich set of common capabilities, including:

Connectivity: NAS and SAN

Transport: iSCSI and Fibre Channel and SCSI

Media: Fixed Disk and Removable Disk

Redundancy: RAID (0,1,5,10,50) and JBOD

Virtualization: Virtual Tape and Virtual Disk

Virtual Tape Arrays - Beyond the Virtual Tape Library: Simpler and Faster - NexiTech software presents a pool of virtual tape drives to the host. Cost of ownership is reduced because you don’t pay a premium for a virtual robotic changer device that you probably don't need anyway. See our white paper entitled VTL vs. VTA: Which is faster?

3-6-9 TB of Fixed-Disk Storage - The cost of disk storage continues to plummet, and we can help you take advantage of this trend by using SATA disk drives with capacities of 250, 500, or 750 GB. Our 12-bay storage appliance can be configured to give you 3, 6, or 9 TB of RAID-protected Fixed-Disk storage.

Ruggedized Removable-Disk Storage - When it's time for you to move that precious data off-site, you can't just pop out one of those hard drives and throw it in your briefcase or the back seat of your car. But with our ruggedized removable storage products, you can. They are removable, just like tapes, but faster and more reliable.

Encrypted Virtual Tape - With an optional hardware-based compression and encryption engine, your virtual tape cartridges are secure as you move them from one location to another, providing you with peace of mind should they ever be lost or stolen.

Encrypting Tape Appliances - Suppose you already have a SCSI tape drive and you wish to add the ability to encrypt the data on your tapes. You could go out and spend a ton of money on a shiny new encrypting tape drive, or you can turn to NexiTech. We can show you how to preserve the investment in your existing tape equipment, but add the ability to encrypt your tape data with one of our flexible storage appliance products.

Flexible Storage Router Solutions - When it comes to adapting one type of storage transport to another, we are the experts. Having mastered a reasonably arcane field of expertise known as SCSI Target Mode, and by applying that knowledge to different physical transports, we have developed an ability that is unique in the marketplace. We can take a computer running Microsoft Windows and make it emulate storage devices over multiple storage transports: iSCSI, Fibre Channel, and SCSI (both LVD and HVD). We can then pass those requests through to other ports in the same computer that use the same or different physical transports. While the data is sprinting through the computer from one port to another, it may be passed straight through or it may be transformed in some meaningful way if a particular application calls for it. The result is a very powerful platform for constructing storage routers, virtualization products, and data encryption appliances.

High Performance SAN Testing Tools - Our support of high-speed SAN transports (4 Gbps Fibre Channel - 10 GbE iSCSI) gives you the ability to have multiple ports running in simultaneous Initiator/Target Mode, we can create tools that emulate a large number of very fast disk drives for the purpose of testing your host interfaces. We also have ASPI Emulation software capable of bashing or measuring your device interfaces. Let us know what your SAN testing needs are and we will help you meet them.


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