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Spectrum Data and NexiTech team up to break long block barrier

Posted on 2004-Dec-22

Spectrum Data and NexiTech have developed a new device driver for their respective software applications that will help the oil and gas industry by enabling data blocks up to 64 megabytes in length to be both written and read under the Microsoft Windows® operating system.

Western Australia-based Spectrum Data has recently completed the deployment of an industry-first device driver for the Windows® operating system. In conjunction with NexiTech, Inc. in Colorado, USA, Spectrum Data has developed, tested, and now implemented into its software applications the new device driver to enable blocks of data up to 64 megabytes in length to be both written and read under the Windows® operating system.

The Windows® operating system has an inherent limitation of being able to transfer blocks limited to only 1 megabyte in size through the SCSI bus. This means that a large number of tape data formats from the oil and gas industry as well as Unix platforms cannot be read under the Windows® operating system.

With Spectrum Data’s new device driver, the company has overcome this limitation and can now transfer block sizes of up to 64 megabytes in size. This is more than adequate to transfer and reformat data from just about any industry.

Chris Holloway, Spectrum Data’s CTO stated, “Not only does this new technology mean we do not have to rely on old unsupported long-block tools, but it has also had some interesting benefits when it comes to getting better performance from our tape drives. We did not expect to see the sort of performance increases we have achieved on a range of tape drives, including 3590, where we have doubled the drive’s speed using this new device driver.”

The development of this device driver will allow Spectrum Data to easily expand its operations overseas without the need to buy expensive, high-end work stations, and was a critical part of Spectrum Data’s growth strategy.

Although Spectrum Data developed this new device driver for internal use, it is obvious that the system will have commercial appeal in other markets. Spectrum Data and NexiTech welcome inquiries as to how the device driver may benefit other industries.

NexiTech, Inc. is an information technology company based in Colorado, USA. NexiTech provides specialised software design, development and consultancy services to a broad industry base. NexiTech are internationally recognised for expertise in Windows device drivers, SCSI, SANs and multiprocessor embedded systems hardware and software design.

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